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I'm a software developer with a wide ranging background and strong leaning towards open source / middle to back end architecture / small team lead situations.

I enjoy Python and Go -- others too.

I like solving problems for people.


photo: Kristina D.C. Hoeppner

Some things I feel certain are true.

Some things I think are true but later I find out I was wrong. Some things hold up.

This is my list so far:


You can use the word "moo" in English in place of "I didn't say anything."

When someone asks "What did you say?" and you hadn't said anything -- just respond "Moo." Eventually they'll learn to know what that means.

Over time this can save a lot of speaking.

A glass of water

You should drink a glass of water every morning right after you get up.


Smile when you can. Smile by accident.

If you've got it to spare, silly grins in a crowd can catch and reflect the light we wouldn't see otherwise.

"He/She" is a language bug

Gendered pronouns in English harm us all and provide tiny value.

We should ditch them.

We all have value

Everyone brings something. Everyone has a story you want to hear. It won't be what you expect and if you don't listen you will miss it.

Ok, here