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I'm a software developer with a wide ranging background and strong leaning towards open source / middle to back end architecture / small team lead situations.

I enjoy Python and Go -- others too.

I like solving problems for people.


photo: Kristina D.C. Hoeppner

Some things I feel certain are true.

Some things I think are true but later I find out I was wrong. Some things hold up.

This is my list so far:


You can use the word "moo" in English in place of "I didn't say anything."

When someone asks "What did you say?" and you hadn't said anything -- just respond "Moo." Eventually they'll learn to know what that means.

Over time this can save a lot of speaking.

A glass of water

You should drink a glass of water every morning right after you get up.

Don't read the comments

Never read the comments under an article posted online.

Except sometimes.


Do smile more. If there's no reason to then a smile can create the reason.

Cause and effect are less strictly ordered in the case of smiles.

"He/She" is a language bug

Gendered pronouns in English harm us all and provide tiny value.

We should ditch them.

We all have value

Everyone brings something. Everyone has a story you want to hear. It won't be what you expect and if you don't listen you will miss it.

Ok, here